Friday, December 27, 2013

Discover India through Craft Villa

Traveling is such a  pleasurable  thing that  a lot of us enjoy to do.  NOt only that it  offers  beautiful places for us to see but we also see  and experience different cultures and you also get to see different  traditional clothing and fashion.  Say for instance when you are in the airport, that is where you see different kinds of fashionable  outfits being worn by different  nationalities.  I always admire those women who travels wearing their  beautiful   Sarees.  It makes me  always say "Wow, I wish I can pull that off!"  I found these beautiful Sarees at Crafts Villa, an online market place to discover the beautiful traditional and fashionable  outfits of  of India.  THe way they design their dresses are  beautiful and very artistic.  You can see the craftsmanship in every piece  of  clothing they put out in the market.  

I can imagine how wonderful it is to attend and witness one of their wedding ceremonies.  I am sure that Wedding Sarees are gorgeous, just like the ones that are below.  I admire Indian for preserving this kind of tradition for generation to generations.  I can see how they take pride in their  culture, from food to clothing, and  everything else.  

THe Bollywood Sarees are exceptionally gorgeous as well.  Oh I wish I could experience wearing one of those beautiful  Sarees. How about you guys, what do you think of Sarees as a fashionable outfit?  If you want to see more of these beautiful  outfits, visit Craft Villa and discover India through their  magnificent and well-crafted  sarees.

I remember when we were in Korea, I always admire those very ornate and quaint traditional Korean dresses that they have on display in the malls.  Koreans also come inside the military base  with their traditional; outfit on whenever there are special occasion.  It's a beautiful thing to see.  I always take picture whenever I see people wearing traditional costumes because you don't get to see them everyday.  It's also a good reminder of the  places you visits.

Disclaimer:  Photos used in this article are not mine, they are  from the website I have mentioned above.

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Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Those are lovely! There is definitely beauty in these things.

Mel Cole said...

What beautiful gowns! So royal and elegant :)

Nova said...

I always adore their dresses as they can be more comfortable wearing it in anywhere they go.

Franc said...

Traditional Indian Dresses look really classy.

Sarika said...

Fabulus sarees. I am always shopping online at fashionbuzzer. Very nice & cool pics. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Pooja Singh said...

Wow amazing color combination of designer sarees .

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