Monday, December 2, 2013

Six Uses For Tulle Fabric That You’ve Probably Never Considered

When choosing a type of fabric that can suit almost any purpose, tulle is one of the best options available. Tulle fabric can go a long way for a person with a spark of creativity and a pair of scissors. Check out these six tulle ideas and become inspired!

Tulle- The Ultimate Halloween Costume Accessory

Due to the fact that tulle has some bounce to it, it is one of the most ideal fabric choices for Halloween costumes. For example, tulle can be really well used as filler in headpieces because it is so light, making it easy to carry around for a long period of time. Tulle can also be used underneath the outer layer of most dresses to give the dresses a puffier look and feel.

Gift Wrapping Made Simple

For a person who wants their gift giving to be simple, affordable, and beautiful, tulle fabric is the way to go. Not only are there numerous color and style choices to be had, tulle does not require tape and clean lines. The only thing a person needs to do with tulle is to put the gift in the center of a large piece of the fabric. Then, it is simple enough to pull the fabric over the sides of the gift, and tie a ribbon where the fabric is gathered at the top. Add a bow, if desired, and voila- a simple and beautiful gift wrap.

Wrap a Car as a Birthday Gift

This idea may take a little bit more time than wrapping a regular gift, although with enough tulle this is by far the best way to get the job done. The entire car does not need to be wrapped. Tulle works as an excellent embellishment as well.

Tulle for Everything Wedding

Tulle can be used for wrapping the table centerpieces and the peppermints. The fabric can also work well to cover the dinner table chairs. After the chairs have been covered with their regular covers, simply wrap a band of tulle around the chair back. Add a bow or flower detail at the back, and the job is complete.

Tulle Tutus are Too Cute

Tutus have become all the rage for little girls, whether or not it is Halloween. People have designed their entire businesses around this new fashion trend, although a person does not need to own a business to make a great tutu out of tulle. Feel inspired, get some tulle, and have fun with it!

Fun Bedroom Decor for Small Children

Tulle decorations are beautiful, whimsical, and easy to make. Tulle pompoms are a fabulous and magical way to add a little bit of fun to a small child's bedroom, for example. Simply gather some tulle, tie a bit of string around the center, puff out the ends, and attach the whole thing to the ceiling. Do this several times over, with multiple colors, and notice the difference it brings to an otherwise boring bedroom. Whether a person is looking for a DIY fashion accessory or full-on tulle decorated wedding, tulle is one of the more versatile fabrics available. Click here to check out all of the tulle options online, today!

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