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Those Crotch-Dangling Gucci Baby Carriers

You know the mom on the Luvs diapers commercial, who, with her first baby, she's still trying to be perfect and is all concerned with brand names and all that junk, but then by her second baby, she's like nobody has time for all that? Yeah, I'm like her, only I was like that from the beginning. You see, I'm a frugal mom, one who likes to get more bang for her buck, rather than more buck for her bang(Does that sound dirty?). So, when I was shopping for the perfect accessories for my baby, I wasn't worried about whose name was on said accessories, rather, I was worried about the efficiency of the product. Sure, I wanted it to be cute, but, I really, really wanted everything to be useful and cost-effective.

What's Wrong a Baby Carrier?

Ah, baby carriers. Some love 'em, others loathe 'em, the rest just don't care.

Personally, I liked the wrap thing that sort of swaddled the baby to your chest.

hen again, I probably would have never used that wrap thing, or any other carrier for that matter, if it hadn't been given to me as a gift after my son was born. It's not that I didn't like the wrap thingy, I just didn't really see the point of it. However, for those that maybe work from home or want to take their babies with them on their daily walk, baby carriers can be quite handy. A Gucci baby carrier, on the other hand, now that's a different story.

Now, I've seen the Gucci baby carrier, and I must say, it looks very uncomfortable and unsturdy. I also read that it only holds up to 20 lbs. Really, Gucci? Have you seen some of the babies that are being born these days? Some of them will reach 20 lbs before they are even three months old! Not too mention those extremely uncomfortable-looking straps that are sure to leave marks on your sweet little baby's chubby thighs and shoulders. Then there's the fact that with the way the carrier sits, the baby would be constantly hitting you in your nether regions, which could prove quite painful for dads.

With all that being said, personally, I think that the Gucci baby carriers cater more to the mother's desires than the baby's needs. To moms who prefer designer EVERYTHING, I get it, you like nice things, and that's fine and all, but do you really like the idea that the most valuable belonging you have(that would be your baby) is uncomfortable because you want to show off? There are other less-expensive carriers that are better made to keep both you and baby comfortable. They are top of their class and can hold up to like 40 lbs which means you can keep a two year old in there. If you must have a designer baby, throw away your money on over-priced designer clothing that your little darling will ruin the first time they wear it.

The Price of Having a Designer Baby

Speaking of over-priced, do you KNOW how much one of those “cute” little Gucci baby carriers cost? For a carrier with the classic Gucci print, get ready to shell out at least $850, maybe more if you customize it in any way. That's nearly a grand on just a carrier! Save that money for the seemingly endless amount of diapers and training pants you will go through before your sweet little darling learns to use the potty. Maybe you don't have to save money because you are a part of the 2% that doesn't have to worry about money. Good for you, now imagine the good you could if you gave a mom in need that $850 instead. That much money can feed a family of four for a month.

You STILL Want a Gucci Baby Carrier?

I'm not saying you're being selfish by purchasing a Gucci, or any other over-priced designer brand, carrier, I'm just saying that you are probably not making the most functional choice for your or your baby's needs. The carrier you select is, after all, carrying your most precious possession, more valuable than any designer, and that, of course, is your baby. But, if you do just want to think about yourself, remember that YOU are the one wearing the carrier and it's you that will be hurting if the carrier isn't sturdy or efficient enough to hold up your baby's weight. If you are planning on using the carrier regularly and for long periods of time, you want one that's going to be as comfortable on your back as it is for your baby to sit in. There's also the point I brought up earlier, and that's the way the carrier will actually carry your baby.
Gucci Baby CarrierGucci Baby Carrier
Gucci baby carrier is designed to let the baby's legs dangle instead of putting them in a sort of sitting position. This dangling means that if your hubby or baby daddy plans on using the carrier, they may want to wear an athletic cup as well. Something to think about.

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