Thursday, July 4, 2013

Infested From Animal Planet

Have you ever watched the television show Infested?  My kids and I watched it one time on Animal Planet and they were pretty grossed out.  I regretted that I let them watched it because they were afraid to go to bed that night  because they were scared that  there might be bed bugs in their beds so I had to really explain to them that we don't  have it at home.  On the brighter side of that, they have learned the dangers of pests and the ways to prevent pests  from coming to our house.
I remember one time, when the nearby road was being repaired, they were digging on the grounds and we noticed a couple of rats visited our yard.  I have never seen a rat   at our place before so I got alarmed.  Our neighbor said that they might have migrated because the place they were staying was being dug out.  So we set a trapped where I saw the holes and we did not catch the first night.  On the second night, we set the trap again but we also put the poison peanut pellets near the hole and they ate it.  
The next morning, I saw one lying by the side of our fence and the other one was also dead by the hole.  I was pretty relieved because after that, nobody came anymore.  See I was concerned of using the poison pellets because we have two dogs and if they find it and eat it, they would die.  Glad the problem was solved right away.

It is a must to consult a professional the moment you see some signs of infestations in your home.  Professional exterminators always advise to be observant and act quickly as soon as you see those signs, in order to address the problem right away.  Pests like roaches and other bugs will find an entry way to go inside your house. So make sure that if there are cracks from outside to patch it and seal it so they won’t be able to come in.  There are many ways to prevent infestation and the most vital is to make sure to maintain cleanliness at your home

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Unknown said...

I am sorry but to sound mean but I hate rodents. I don't think I could live in a house infested with those.

glen laxamana said...

Whew! I really hate rats.. And that's the number one pest I am really afraid of.

Mai said...

I had the same problem two weeks ago. Although having rat posion is dangerous to have around, I can say it's effective and solved my problem, too.

Ria C said...

Thank goodness we don't have rats around and with my cute Millie around, I can't afford to put poisonous pellets for fear that she may ingest them. So far, our house is free from any rodents/pests and I pray it stays that way.

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