Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Art and Science of Rug Cleaning

abc rug repair nyc
I paused and find myself reading  at  Abc Rug and Carpet Care when I saw the  phrase "The Art and Science of Rug Cleaning".  This company offers rug  and carpet care which includes cleaning, repair, and restoration.  Some home owners that are rich would normally just toss  or replaced a carpet that has been damaged.  This type of scenario can be salvaged by ABC  Rug and Carpet care by offering a rug repair service.

This reminds me of the plan that my husband is thinking of doing in  few years.  Underneath our carpet is a   beautiful  hard wood floor.  The reason we chose to put a carpet in when we first bought this house is the fact that our  kids were  very  little then and we were worried that they be tore up every time they fall.  But now that they are  bigger, hubby thinks that it would  be easier for us to clean and maintain a hardwood floor.  However, that  calls for an extended  expense which is buying a rug to put  on top of the hardwood floor.  Oh well, whatever we come up with  in the near future, that would be for the best.

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