Monday, July 15, 2013

Travel Memorabilia # 1 from California

I will be posting some   travel memorabilia that I have collected over the years.  First up  are the cute little things that our neighbor-family has given the kids when their Lolo Don went to California last month.  Mr.  Burrito like the Tazmanian Devil magnet while Ms. Burrito love her  key chain with  a beautiful heart, crown and  letter initial bling!

Thanks Lolo for these!

6 Smart Readers SAID::

Unknown said...

that is fun! I wish I have the souvenirs with me I have collected from all over the world. but i left them in the philippines.:P

Mommy Liz said...

great memorabilia, I want one with letter L :)

Mai said...

I love collecting memorabilia, too. love the key chain!

riablahgs said...

Those are lovely trinkets! My family also loves to collect souvenirs from our travels. I like collecting fridge magnets and snow globes, my hubby prefers the shot glasses and spoons and my daughter likes the keychains. Eclectic collections but really nice to look at when they're placed in the curio. They also pose as great conversational pieces. :)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I like the magnet too!cute keychain.

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