Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Skin Cancer

My husband took  a specific medicine for his acne problem when he was younger.  It  cured his acne alright but  later on, it caused a bad side effect on his skin.  He  said that the  doctor advised him to stay away from sun exposure as his skin gets easily get burns ever since he took the medicine.   So now, he is very cautious when going out in the sun.   Knowing the cancer history in his family, he  seems to be paranoid of what the doctor have told him before.  He was never diagnosed of any skin cancer but I think that  it is better to have it checked.  I found  Molemap Skin Cancer online, its a place that has state of the art facility that can detect melanoma cancer.  You can check out some  risks and  symptoms of melanoma by visiting  They are  dedicated in helping you or your family member to  prevent   melanoma cancer by detecting  the disease  early.
As you can see in the illustration above, 2.3% of skin cancer is melanoma   and looking at the number of death from melanoma scares me.  According to the website, here are the risk factors:
  • Fair skin
  • Light Colored Hair
  • Blue or Green Eyes
  • Sunbed Use
  • Family History of skin cancer
  • History of Sunburn
"Prevention is better than cure", so if you  think you have the symptoms of skin cancer, have yourself checked out.  To find out more information about Molemap Skin Cancer  and the services they provide, please visit any of the links I have provided above.  There is a link at their website where you search for a clinic near you.  

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