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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Parenting is a Full Time Time Job

Having  children is the most precious  gift you could ever have in life.  Parenting is  a full time job, yet, you don't get  paid for it,  but the love  that your children gives back to you  is worth  more than  any  wealth in this world.  Being a parent  involves a lot of hard work and it   requires patience and  dedication.      You always wants the best for them and  protect them from any harm you could possibly imagine to the best  effort you could.  There are times that they will be away from you and an  iphone spy app is  one thing that you can consider for the safety of your children.  
Sometimes I   get scared having this scenarios that one day, my kids would somehow  get involve with the wrong crowd and all those  moral values  that we teach them would be disregarded.  I hope and pray that  it won't happen because I just want the best for  them.  I want them to have a good life even if when we are already gone.  I think that the best thing that we could give to our children is to instill  those good practices so that they would grow up to be  good citizens.  

10 Smart Readers SAID::

Shannon Marie Baker said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I love my sweet boy more than anyone! He's my baby even though he's 10 this month. Time flies........ too fast

you have the cutest kids! I wish I could have had two of them but, my body said no and then my mouth followed lol

Janet Dubac said...

"Parenting is a full time job , yet you don't get paid for it but the love that your children gives back to you is worth more than any wealth in this world."
- Such beautiful words. I love being a parent. To have kids is one of God's greatest gift.

Patricia Woolverton said...

As parents we always worry about our kids and the what if scenarios. I think we just have to parent them and hope that they choose the right way and do the right thing. I cannot worry about the future for what has not happened yet. Your kids are adorable.

Nicole A. said...

Parenting is definitely a full time job, but it's the most rewarding I think.

Jennifer Williams said...

I used to work repairing computers for a Public Safety department. I got asked one day to get the EOC ready because a child had been abducted. I ran to get everything going for when everyone came in to work and discovered it was a little boy named Clay who went to a Art and Science school. It was the longest probably 5 minutes or so in my life as my sons name is Clay and he attended an Art and Science School. It was not him and that child is safe, but my son has carried a cell phone since with apps for me to track where he is.

Hobbies on a Budget said...

Parenting is definitely a full time job. It's the only job I really hope that I do my best job ever! (And I won't even know how it goes until they grow up!)

Melinda Dunne said...

I think the most important things to teach children is self respect and that actions have consequences. As parent's it is important to remember our children have minds of their own and many times their actions have little to do with us.

nova hedges said...

Indeed, the most hardest work in the world too. For you are aiming to make sure you mold your kids to the right paths.

April M. said...

I concur. Parenting is something you can take for granted. The kids will need you for as long as you are alive.

Mommy Liz said...

when your kids say that you are bestest mom in the whole world, then you don't need a monetary payment. that says it all. :)

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