Monday, July 15, 2013

Great Wall of China - Travel Memorabilia #2

Travel memorabilia number  2 is the Great Wall of China Magnet that  a friend of mine gave to me when we were still in South Korea.  Her and her husband visited  China and went to GWC.    I haven't been to  GWC so this would be an inspiration to fulfill that wish of visiting there someday hehehe.
Thanks Ate Emily Mack for this!

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Unknown said...

I seen Great wall of china when we went to Chinese buffet they have huge decoration on their wall which was amazing it feature a rivers and stretches they say its a popular tourist in Beijing china very nice magnet.

jheylo said...

That's a nice keepsake. Would love to visit there in person someday.

Unknown said...

I haven't been to China, it's on my bucket list.

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