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Your Kitchen Lighting Issues: Solved!

The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of home basically because it is where the family's sustenance for everyday is prepared and made. And it is for the same reason that any household's kitchen should be kept as conducive as it can be for cooking and preparing victuals day after day.

Among the most crucial aspects of home design is its lighting. Unfortunately, not everyone is as knowledgeable when it comes to planning out and setting up the lighting at home. Having some knowledge in such aspect, though, should come in handy because aside from providing aesthetics, lighting is essential to productivity at home -- particularly the kitchen.

The following are some of the more common lighting issues and tips on how to deal with them:

Kitchen lighting issue #1: Glaring bulbs
While generous lighting is more than welcome in the kitchen where much of the household's hustle and bustle takes place, too much glare here and anywhere can be counter-productive. Here are some tips and advice that would help minimize bulb glare in your kitchen:
  • Decrease the bulbs' wattage
  • Especially when used with frosted bulb glasses, dimmer switches can help cut excessive glare from your chandeliers
  • If you are using clear bulbs, replace them with frosted ones to achieve a soft glow; applying uniformity in wattages also helps ensure that glare, not light, is reduced
  • Add small shades to bulbs that are made out of light-colored fabric. These will help soften and spread the light without hurting the eyes.
Kitchen lighting issue #2: Accent lighting?
A lot of homeowners often wonder whether or not it's sensible to add some accent lighting in such a task-driven area such as the kitchen. In reality, though, it's really up to you. As much as the kitchen should be highly functional, it wouldn't hurt to want to add aesthetics to it. DIY additional accent lights; study the wiring system under your cabinets, buy high-efficient frosted bulbs with those popular modern kitchen light fittings, and you're good to go.

Kitchen lighting issue #3: Buzzing fluorescent lights
Some people find that using fluorescent lights in the kitchen can be impractical because aside from common observations of them fitting poorly, they are known to produce intermittent buzzing sounds from time to time. A reasonable replacement for these would be LED lights that have a soft, fading effect when fitted perfectly under your kitchen cabinets. Compared to pricier designer lights, these are a real steal.

Kitchen lighting issue #4: How to DIY repair
Fixing light fittings on your own can be dangerous, but there are measures by which you can undertake the process sans this risk. Safely doing a light fitting repair takes only five simple steps:
1. Do a light bulb test
2. Do a voltage test
3. Make sure the circuit breaker is switched off
4. Very carefully dismantle the fitting and take it down from the cabinet or ceiling
5. Start the repair process

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5 Smart Readers SAID::

Unknown said...

there are simple ways to improve our kitchen lighting without a lot of hassle when we install our light and in corner unit our solution is to use the existing light fixture electrical box as a starting for a track we Install them to the side instead.

Unknown said...

I always wanted a well lit kitchen. I want lights inside my cupboards and under them.

Jessica Cassidy said...

These are really helpful tips on finding the perfect lighting for our kitchen Sis. I love the lights in our kitchen. We can dim it too :-)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Lighting in the kitchen is sure important. The duplex that we rented at had 6 to 10 LED lights I think, plus the chandelier and it sure was well lit. I loved it especially cooking or baking at night. :)

Mommy Liz said...

You are absolutely right that lighting in the kitchen is very essential. When my kitchen lights are dim, I can't function. I am glad that my husband can always fix our lights, My kitchen is where I spend most of my days. :)

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