Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sit Ups

I was teasing my wife about her "bilbil" as she calls it so she got so self conscious about it that she started jogging again. She also started doing sit ups at home. She started with 5 and I was laughing because she had a hard time with it. The next day however, I was impressed because she did 10 and I only asked 7. Yesterday she was doing her sit ups again but our son EJ interfered, he rode on Mommy's tummy lol..

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dhemz said...

hahhaha....this is cute...hehehhe!
Hey John, your wife doesn't have a "bilbil"..she's perfectly fine and sexy....hehehhe! hubby taught me the crunches...military way...hehhee.....just like my manang rose....I did few sit ups on the first day...then little by little I added some figures...now I can do 30 crunches....:) great job to wifey!

Clarissa said...

thumbs up to Ate Rose!!She's sexy--I' m not seeing her bilbil anywhere!!

Kev said...

ooh...exercising is good. Next time, tell her to walk up and down the stairs.. perhaps you could compete with her. :)

btw, thanks for commenting on my blog, too.

anney said...

funny EJ!hehehe! Your wife doesn't look like she has bilbil. Maybe because she is slim and the bilbil isn't obvious. I'm the one who need to do sit ups and crunches. lol!

Kim, USA said...

What are you talking about Rose bilbil she doesn't have any and she looks so thin in the picture hehehe. Hey John, Rose is lucky to have a military husband who is willing to teach her how to do sit-ups, while I am also lucky to have a farmer husband who is willing to teach me how to split woods, ride a tractor!! hahahaha! One thing that I really don't like is picking up hay. I am old (good alibi huh) hehe. God bless!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Rose has a proportioned body. She can always trim down any excess weight she got while vacationing in the Philippines. Nice that she is doing her exercises for you and herself as well. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi, thank you for visiting my site ^_^
your wife seems physically fit and sexy ^_^ it's good that she do some exercise, I guess I needed exercise too...

Rossel said...

We,women, are very conscious of our body but I don't see any bilbil in her. She's slim.

I like your blog's title. Hope you won't mind exchanging links w/ me.


God bless!

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