Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking Off

These photos were taken at Busan International Airport while we're waiting for our flight going to the Philippines last month. The kids wore themselves running around the waiting area of the airport. It's tough to travel with small children like us because they're always on the go, you can't make them sit on a chair. They always want to play which is fine with me but when they started to become cranky, that's the problem hehehe..

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Lee said...

Hi John, ha ha, never knew kids keeping quiet for a minute...only when sleeping.
Hey, but were a kid too, right? Ha ha.
Have fun and keep well, best regards, Lee.

Clarissa said...

Oh-- that' s my problem,too!But kids are kids...

Thanks for dropping by,Mr.Joops!!

HAve a nice day to you and your family!

dhemz said...

I is true....I hate when they get cranky..specially in public...hehhehe!

that's why when we go some's always Greg's responsibility to keep an eye and chase Akesha all the time...hehhehe...

Stanley K. Draper, R.L.S. said...

Truly have a beautiful family there,.apparently your wife and mine are blog buddies,.. and lookee here, I have a little blog, just started,'s pretty neat deal, tho', huh,..anyhoo,..appreciate it if you'd visit there,..I'm short followers,.. and pleasure to make your acquaintance,..I'm sure at some point these ladies will make us all go live in the Philippines,..she's already talking about that one.

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