Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rylie's Photography

Our daughter is very interested in taking pictures of things. Most of the time she captured it just right. It is a trait that she got from me and Rose because we both love photography. Here are some of her snapshots.

This is a little bit off but it's good enough. It's the thailand candle from the hotel that we stayed in in Legazpi.

She took this picture of her Mom. I was laughing while listening to her because she told her Mom to tilt her head and say cheese hehehe..
Then she took this picture of her cousin Justine while she was sleeping at Oxford Hotel.

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amiable amy said...

hehehe...i love the captions too...she have the keen eye and good angle

amiable amy said...

by the way, my other blog is not here in your bloglist john

Jasmine said...

Those are beautiful candles. Looks like your daughter will be quite the little photographer! :)

Beth said...

wow, photographer at such a young age! good angles ha?
my son loves taking pics too! i'll post some too when I have the time.

It's good that you support any talents or skills that you see being manifested by your daughter.

ingat! :)

Anonymous said...

you never know she gonna be a photographer someday he he

Dhemz said...

wow not bad for a 3 year old...who could have thought that she got this talent from you guys....hehehe....:)

She have potentials to be a photographer....:)

Leslie Ann said...

wow! even though she's little she's already showing signs of talent!

Clarissa said...

A photographer in the making!!Great job,Rylie!

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