Monday, April 13, 2009

Sight Seeing

Let me give you a little tour of our beautiful place in the Land of the Morning Calm. We drove around town the other day and my wife kept taking these pictures as we move along. There is a heavy traffice at the town because a lot of people from other big cities came here to watch the beautiful scenery of the Cherry Blossom Festival.
In this town, we have three circle like this. These circles were built in honor of their great emperor (forgive me I forgot the name).

We spent almost an hour driving around the town and we've enjoyed every minute of it. Our kids fell asleep hehehe..

7 Smart Readers SAID::

Gem said...

Nice shots! Truly the Land of the Morning Calm. Those cherry blossoms are really awesome!

Ciela said...

I love those beautiful shots. You did it like a true professional, John! That place is so inviting!
Looks like you're enjoying every minute of it.

EJ said...

Yeah they really are pretty Gem!

EJ said...

Thanks for the compliments Ms. Beng but it wasn't me who took those pictures but my wife hehehe..

Clarissa said...

What a beautiful sight!Sakura here in Japan has blossomed too and they're really beautiful!

EJ said...

Is that how you call cherry blossom in japan? Yup, its very beautiful!

misty said...

Its so beautiful isn't it?

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