Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lovin' it!

My brother-in-law owns a small motorcycle which he uses to transport people from their place to the town proper of Donsol. It's amazing how cheap the fare is, its only 50 pesos. Considering the dirt road that they are using to travel, it amazes that they are not scared to ride a motorcycle with a helmet. The photos below are taken when we first arrived at Rose"s Mom's place in Donsol. Do you see how simple the lifestyle there is? My kids love riding on his motorcycle so he would give them ride everyday all around the barangay.
We let the kids experience everything that they won't experience in the States.

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sunny said...

wow! iv never been to donsol buddy but id really love to go there! missed my native land,hehehehe! hope u had fun with your vacation buddy! take care always!

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...this is very looks like they are having might need to get one of those when they grow up...hehhehe...just kidding!

Malou said...

double WOW! I want to go there too. :-)
The kids seems really enjoying your vacation. When are you guys coming back to Korea?

thanks for dropping by to my blog joops. We got rid of our 27 foot bayliner its tough to tow so we put it on ebay and was sold 3 weeks ago :-)

rummuser said...

This is how most Indians live too. In India too, the motorcycle is a very popular mode of transport and there are places where motorcycle taxi service is available. I am very happy that you are letting your children experience these things.

amiable amy said...

yes, that is really a simple life John...P50 is cheap considering the distance and the dirt road but, for Filipinos who had less income, 50 is too much already...they can buy a kilo of rice for that and would rather walk on foot just to save that 50... you are so blessed to see the beauty of this kind of place and how this community survive in peace and contented with simple life right?

anyway,your kids are really having fun with their cousins hahaha, i bet you eat BUKO or tasted the local wine? post more adventure pics okay?

SandyCarlson said...

I would enjoy that, too!

Femin Susan said...

Haha Enjoy the trip.........

Mom of Four said...

Hahaha! that is awesome, I can't help but remember when Roan was 2 and we went to the Philippines for a visit. He was excited to ride a tricycle. He will get in and won't come out. My brother owns one and they would go around the neighborhood so he can ride. And he was excited playing with rocks outside the house. When riding the jeepney, he would look at the people sitting across us and asks me who are those people.

It's nice to let our kids experience things that they will never experience where we are right now. And that way, they know their roots. They can tell the difference between their lives at Mom's country and Dad's. I love your in-laws place, so simple and yet clean and it feels so homey.

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