Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking Forward

I have three subjects for my online class this semester so I am really busting my butt off just to cope up with all the assignments and quizzes. Reading and researching eats a lot of my time and its a little hard for me because I have two kids that constantly wants to play with me. What I don't like with some of the instructors is that they changes the due dates of assignments given to us without considering the fact that we have other stuff to do too. I am looking forward to finishing this online class, I prefer going to a real school where I can ask the professor questions about certain topics related to our subjects. With online class, instructors basically just throw you a bunch of assignments to do, papers to write and topics to research to.

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Kim, USA said...

That is what I don't like with some instructors they knew that students are trying to cope up with a lot of assignments and quizzes but still they think like students are not doing anything jeez!! Good luck!

Beth said...

visiting you here John!

so you're studying online, that's the not-so-good aspect of it, you can't ask profs or teachers any questions. just don't forget to find time for EJ and Rylie and of course, Rose! :)

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