Friday, April 24, 2009

EJ reminds me of ME

When I came home today for lunch, my wife was cleaning up the dresser of our son's room. I asked her what happen and she said that EJ got busy. He asked her mom to put him in bed for a nap but when her mom closed the door, he climbed up in the dresser and poured out the bottle of cologne, spread out the cotton buds and other stuff in the room. I was laughing when I saw that because it reminds me of my childhood. My mom told me that I used to squirt the toothpaste out, dump lotion or shampoos and just any kind of ornery things.

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the donG said...

in tagalog one will say "may pinagmanahan". LOL.

Cecile said...

well, i agree with what the dong said: like father like son :-)!

Anonymous said...

haha Nicole always do that the dreeser she pour out all the clothes and she is sitting on the dresser

thanks visiting too yeah kids is curious that's why i tried to hide everything small things but she found that small things on the closet she knows how to open the door now.its terrible

Anonymous said...

tag for you here thanks

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

your baby is soo cute ^_^

Gorgeous MUM said...

lol! like father, like son!

thanks for stopping by! my dad used to be with the philippine navy, he's retired years ago. good to know you're blogging too!

you and rose got lovely kids!

Gorgeous MUM said...

btw, would you mind exchanging links? i'll add you up!


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...this is hilarious...I saw the photo too...remember when you guys ready to leave to the airport? father like son indeed....hehehhe!

Clarissa said...

Like father,like son ^_^

Have a great weekend,sir!

Jasmine said...

Aw, how adorable, ha. That look on his face is like "I'm so innocent."

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