Sunday, April 12, 2009

Always Something

Our son EJ is pretty spontaneous with everything and he is so funny in many ways. My wife was folding the clean clothes the other night and our son kept bothering her. So my wife put Rylie's under wear on EJ's head hoping that he would stop, but we made a good laugh out of it because he found fun from it lol. He was running around with it, so to complete the amusement, I took pictures of him hahaha.

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Stanley K. Draper, R.L.S. said...

yeah,..Nicole is enamored lately with taking off her pants and diapers and running around bottomless,.. friggin' hilarious sometimes,..anyway,.. I came by to applaud your dedication to reading that manifesto,.. lol,.. yeah,.. I tend to explode, we call that a "wall of text" in game,.. check it out,.. it's a great game,.. I'm a bit too involved,.. I think. Thanks for sticking it out.

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!It just made my day!!

Dhemz said...

wwahahhaha....EJ is kill'n me...this is hilarious....hehehhehe! thanks for sharing....:)

Anonymous said...

ha ha nicole always do that my underware on my dresser she put on her head like that

Wengss said...

haha, this made me laugh, this is really funny hehhe.

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