Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hotel in Legazpi City

There are a lot of luxurious hotel in Legazpi City but we like Jeniffer's Kababayan Hotel even if it is small and plain because it has garden and a swimming pol. A perfect amenities for a tropical place. We stayed there for almost two weeks and we like the customer service, the employees are very nice and friendly. The only thing that concerns my wife is the bathroom because it's not very clean. I think because the people that does the cleaning are trainees-students from school who are doing their on-the-job training. They don't really scrub it. Okay here are the pictures, you feel like you want to plunge?

Our son love jumping on the water.. He isn't scared of water compared to our daughter.

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Clarissa said...

Welcome back,Mr Joops!! Looks like you and the family had a blast during your vacation in the Philippines!Thanks for sharing the pics!

Dhemz said...

Wow! it was fun indeed!....I feel like I want to take a plunge as well...hehhehe...:) Rye looks so cute in the corner...hehehe...:)

thanks for sharing the pics...love the pool...looks very private...:)

Cecile said...

good to see you guys back :-).

Mommy Liz said...

I love to be in the swimming pool, but like your daughter I am scared. I just watch the kids when we go swimming, and of course to wear my Goodwill bathing suit, hahaha!

It looks like you're having a blast there in PI, when are you coming back to Korea? Tell Rose to enjoy every minute of it.

We will take our turn in May. OH ha, I can't wait. Philippines is my home, no matter what.

^^ said...

WOW! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family, Mr. Joops!! Looks like everyone had fun! :)

I have a Tag for you!

Send my regards to your family specially with ate Rose. Take care always!

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