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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Showing Manhood

My son loves anything that has got to do with engines. During our stay in Legazpi, he kept riding this motorcycle owned by one of the employees at the hotel, he would throw a fit if we didn't let him.

10 Smart Readers SAID::

Jasmine said...

Aw what a little man. :) He's adorable!

Clarissa said...

That was cool!!\(^0^)/

amiable amy said...

have a tag for you, welcome back more pictures okay...he is so cute as ever hahaha

Willie said...

My son is still scared of riding a motorbike

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joops, looks like you got a future Daytona rider in your family...
won't be long before he wants a Ducati, ha ha.
Have fun, best regards, Lee.

Cecile said...

hey, little man :-), he is so cute!

joops, sorry about the text on my post, i changed the font, maybe it can be read now.

thanks for the visit, too!

Mom of Four said...

First of all, thanks a lot for visiting my site and leaving comments as well, and of course for the birthday greetings. That is so sweet.

You are the same as my hubby, when our son gets interested in stuff like engines, tools or anything that is kind of manly, he gets excited. I guess, Men are all the same, they want their sons to be a Man, right?

Nice picture, would you let him ride someday?

Pete said...

Ha ha, cute. Another few years he will be cool biker. LOL

WebbieLady said...

what can i say? like pop like son.. so manly! the color of that moto is cool, no wonder he likes... it looks like candy and moto at the same time. ^^

amiable amy said...

hi John, here is the link of the tag, i hope your PC is okay now

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