Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Zealand is a Beautiful Country

My husband and I agreed that we should try to put aside a savings that we could use for our travel next year, yes, next year. With the expenses we incurred last year with our travels, we came to a decision that this year's family travel would just be local road trips and no major ones. The purpose of leisure traveling is to enjoy a break from your hectic schedule at work and at home and it won't be enjoyable if you will travel using a credit. So it is a smarter choice if you save for it and then you enjoy your vacation without thinking of debts to pay for afterwards.  One of our long term goals is to  buy us a camper that we can use in long road trips.  We are starting to browse some of the Campervans for Sale online.    Hopefully, we would be able to realized this  long term goal.

File:Tasman Valley - Aoraki Mount Cook - Canterbury.jpg

Tasman Valley - Aoraki Mount Cook

File:Torrent Bay (1).jpg
Torrent Bay
New Zealand is one place that hubby and I considered moving in  after he retired from the Navy.  When he was still in the service and preparing to retire, he had a contact  who was looking for someone to work in New Zealand so my husband  applied for it.  He  did qualified but  our kids was the big factor why we did not push through our plans.  They were not  comfortable moving away from our family back here in WV.  After our major move from overseas back to the United States, i-t kind of  dented their emotion about moving from one place to another.  And for that reason, I don't think we will be able to easily move out from here.  
But who knows what our future hold for us right? I mean, if there's a need, we will have to go wherever our lives would have a comfortable living.
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Unknown said...

I have a friend who's a nurse there and she said it really is a gorgeous country.

Rebecca said...

wow absolutely gorgeous and so serene

mommy Orkid Belle said...

OMG! Mommy, it is funny how my husband and I are always talking about vacationing to New Zealand someday. I mean, I just keep talking about it because there is something about the country that just makes me want to see someday. I hope we get the chance to explore NZ someday. That is what we hope and pray. I even told my husband that if he decides to move to NZ, I would definitely say right away. I have a relative who moved to NZ I think two years ago or so and they love it there. It is one beautiful country. We are also saving for trips mommy and this summer, we won't be going anywhere far, but local like going to Yellowstone, which is about 3 hours from us. And if we do want to go somewhere else, probably Utah.

Nova said...

oh my! I knew one of the faculty how just recently move in New Zealand and they are loving it there.... that's a very nice place to retire though.

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