Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party for the New Year!

The two days of  good weather is gone and now we are back to freezing cold whew.  We had freezing rain early this morning and now it started to snow again.

I won't be removing the Christmas decoration till Spring lol.  It's just way too cold outside to remove them.

I just want to snuggle in the couch all day if given a chance.  Sadly, I can't do that hahaha.  But life is so good to us this year so I am rejoicing as the year end approaches.  I am thinking for  having a party for me and my kids to start the new year.

Who wants to party with us?  Anyway, Happy New Year to All!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine weather like that. It is still sunny and warm here. Love the party socks!

becca said...

oh my what cute sock i love funny loud socks so fun

MzBaker said...

I do not miss snow, it's raining here right now. It has snowed twice in 7 years here in South East Alabama. I must admit absolutely love toe socks! They are so cute! :)

AdinB said...

I hear you with taking down the decors this Spring. We only set up our Christmas tree this year, but we will take this down probably Spring or Summer when we get back. LOL! We are back in Kansas at the moment and no snow and I guess we are used to Freezing cold weather in Wyoming that Kansas weather is okay. Thank goodness for the woodstove as well. Happy New Year!

Joy said...

the party socks caught my attention hihi, i have stripes of the same sock that i only use when my gout/arthritis attacks lol

Franc said...

That's a cool socks, Happy New Year!

nova hedges said...

i've always missed new year celebration in the philippines no matter what. but having your family in the new year is as the same as being in the phils.

Marie said...

I sooo love the socks!!!Ang cute cute!!!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Aww Happy New Year - Now I want that socks its supper cute!

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