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​How to Protect Your Home When Away Traveling

Though most are fairly well informed about the safety essentials of traveling, many individuals and families seemingly forget how important it is to secure their home while on vacation. By taking the extra precautions to ensure that one's home is well protected, travelers can gain the peace of mind that they need to relax and enjoy their trip. Whether you are planning to travel abroad or you are simply going to visit some relatives, there are some very basic methods or ways to go about guarding your property. Every family should be educated on any vital information about home security systems.
How to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Prepare Ahead of Time

When enthralled in the excitement and anticipation of leaving for a vacation, many people tend to think of securing their home as an afterthought. This is a massive mistake. Crime reportedly increases significantly during the holiday season. With the influx of money from holiday shopping and so many families away from home, there is a vast array of contributing factors involved in the incline of crime rates. If you and your family plan to install a new home security system or possibly updating an older one, be sure to prepare in advance in order to allow yourself time to get familiar with the new system and its features.

Most security system analysts recommend that you permit yourself at least one to three months to get adjusted to your new home system of protection. One tip that often goes unnoticed is the cancellation of newspapers and/or mail. These types’ actions alert numerous people that you will be away from home and for what length of time. It is advisable to have a trusted friend or neighbor to retrieve these items. Despite your choice, this fundamental step should be completed at least a week ahead of the scheduled departure.

Use Precautions with Social Media

No prospective traveler should broadcast their vacation plans via social media websites. Travel plans should strictly be on a need to know basis with trusted friends and family members. Due to the excitement that surrounds a trip, this can be quite difficult for many individuals. However, this is information that is best kept in a tighter circle. Travelers should never adjust email messages to illustrate that they are out of town.

Additionally, individuals and families that are on vacation should be very cautious about posting any travel plans on social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook. By broadcasting your absence to a multitude of people, you can potentially put your home in danger. However, keeping a minute amount of friends or family members in the loop discreetly can actually work out favorably while you are away.

Lock Down Your Home

One of the most basic steps to ensuring the safety of your home is securing each and every entry point. This can range from the obvious like locked doors and windows to more intensive security measures such as locking service doors or pool gates. It is also recommended to install dead bolt locks wherever possible. By effectively securing your home with the most fundamental necessities, you will substantially decrease the chances of a break in.​

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jo-anne said...

Also, unplug all appliances and make sure there's no leaking faucet anywhere.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Great tips on travel and security, mommy Rose

Emma said...

Great tips right there! Having a trusted person to watch over the house is a good idea :). These are very practical tips, thanks for sharing.

Angela Bethea said...

Absolutely helpful and great pointers. I couldn't agree more. We all need to make sure we have a reliable method to keep our home secure so we can all be worry free when we're traveling.

xx, Angela Bethea of

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