Friday, January 3, 2014

London: One of my Dream Places to Visit

Did anyone of you went to London and watch the Olympics in 2012? I have watched on television only but my dream still lingers that someday, I would be able to see the beautiful London hehehe.  It would be awesome to take our children to the Victoria and Albert museum. I mean, who would not want to wish to visit  London right?

I have a family of four so if ever we would be given a chance  to visit London, we would probably choose to stay in one of the   London Apartments.  There are some  god people who live their whole life in London who wants to  help tourists to have a great experience in  their beautiful place by getting you the most comfortable  accommodation in London Apartments.  Robert and Polly Arnold are just some of those people who are willing to extend and offer their personal services to assist you in finding the right  and perfect place for you to stay in while you are in London.

So who among you have been blessed to visit London?  Would you visit there again?  Perhaps you can tell us your experience.

5 Smart Readers SAID::

Joy said...

i wish to go to London and visit the queen, lol, kidding aside it is one of must-see places in my bucket list :)

Nova said...

like you i also dream to visit the place someday.

Franc said...

I like to visit London too because of the infrastructure in the area.

Marie said...

I would love to go there someday too!!! It is fascinating and full of history

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Now, who doesn't want london - even I would dream of it - ganda kasi e

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