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Four qualities to look for in an above-ground pool

An above-ground swimming pool is better in many ways than one that is permanently fixed into the ground. This is largely because it can be taken down at the end of the season and put back up at the beginning of the next one. They thus do not have to be kept clean during that period. Besides, they are less expensive to install because to do so with a permanent pool requires excavating a big hole in the ground and subsequently put in the concrete walls and floor and finally the tubes, which have to be connected with the water system of the house, and of course the water. As a result, more and more people are opting to have them installed in their backyards. This article will describe four things to look for when choosing an above-ground pool.

1) How easy is it to keep clean?

All swimming pools need to be kept clean and free of leaves, dirt, debris and above all, harmful bacteria that pose a health hazard to anyone who swims in the water. Some are easier to keep clean than others. Some come with a cover with which they can be covered when not in use and not become a magnet for stuff blown by the wind. A pool may also come with a filter system designed to prevent germs and dust from coming in. You will also need to clean the tiles of scum, grime and calcium deposits. Soaps and machines can be purchased to make the cleaning job easier.
2) Is it big enough for its location?

When you purchase an above-ground pool, the first thing that you need to consider is the area of the property on which it is to be installed. Small pools may be as small as eight feet in diameter by thirty feet high, while the most popular bigs ones can be 32 by 15 by 52. That is big enough to fill a backyard and hold more than twelve people at a time. In general, the larger pools cost more than the smaller ones. A swimming pool should never be placed directly below any electricity wires; otherwise there is the risk of a shock.
3) From what materials is it constructed?

The materials used in the construction of a swimming pool play an important part in determining how durable it is. The housing of the cheaper ones is made of inflatable plastic, whereas that for the more expensive ones may be of high-grade polymer. Other materials that may be used in the construction of swimming pools include:

  • steel. This is the heaviest of the three. Manufacturers can make them so that they last as long as twenty years, although all steel pools will rust away sooner or later.
  • aluminum. Pools made of aluminum have been gaining in popularity over the last decade or so. Aluminum is more resistant to rust than steel is, particularly when it is alloyed with manganese; and besides it is lighter and pools made from it are easier to put together and take apart. There is, however, the problem of oxidation, which will weaken the metal over time. The surface may also become rough, form pits and tear pinholes in the liner. Aluminum pools tend to cost more than steel pools.
  • resin. This is the newest material used in above-ground swimming pools and it is relatively rare for one to made entirely out of resin. Such pools have the advantage over their steel and aluminum counterparts of not being vulnerable to rust or oxidation, a benefit which hybrid resin pools can offer at a lower price than those made of pure resin.

4) What is the shape of the pool?

Most above-ground pools are either round or oval; some are rectangular. Oval pools need bracing, whereas round ones can stand on their own. An oval pool may have less swimming area than a round pool of the same size. Click here to learn where to buy above-ground pools.

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FX777222999 said...

Very good items for summer and other events too. In fact it's really awesome as far as I imagined. Well, for some, it's not applicable due to weather or some other problems, but very flexible.

Franc Ramon said...

I think the cleaning and the maintenance part is important plus the size would depend on your planned use of the pool.

mhie@smarlk said...

I would consider to get this one if I know how to swim.

Jhady said...

My hubby always want a swimming pool above ground. We almost bought a house with a pool but I was not comfy, I think it is hard to maintain and clean it

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