Friday, June 27, 2014

Treasure Each Day

Having children is  wonderful.  They  are   our most precious gifts from God Almighty.  Not all people are given the chance to become a parent so if you are one, treasure each and everyday that you get to spend with your kids.  Time flies and you can never go back to the time lost.  Photos below were taken when we went for a bike ride .
These two are the most  important things that happened to me.  I love them to bits!

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Kiittäkää Aina ja Kaikesta said...

I agree, children are a gift from God and we need to treasure them and the time we get to spend them. My mom always says that children are a loan and you need to give it away, so make sure you enjoy them as much as you can before they are not with you anymore.

Kenneth C. Agudo said...

A happy family with strong bondings is a very nice way to keep the family intact and i could see it here. I am glad you find time playing with your kids. The photo's are very sweet and adorable. For sure they have made fun!

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