Friday, June 27, 2014

Dad's New Flag

Dad's flag is  so shredded up so we decided to give him the flag that came kwith our flag pole that I reviewed sometime last year.  We did not know that the package came with a flag so we went out and bought one for us.  Since we aren't using this, we gave it to Dad on Father's day.  He was very happy!

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Clarissa said...

That's good news!!\(^0^)/

Thanks for the greeting and for dropping by,Mr.Joops!^_^

merlyn said...

tnx for dropping by Joops, nice to hear you again and that's good for your Dad i'm going to try maybe I can met someone more than friends (LOL) God bless.

merlyn said...

that's good for your Dad, nice to hear you again Joops God bless.

amiable amy said...

Good news, my dad in law here(89), really wants to buy a new laptop coz he saw me talking to my mom in the Philippines.He doesn't like his desktop anymore. Hahaha

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