Monday, June 23, 2014

Onion Blossoms

Whenever I have an onion that has sprout in it already, I just  stick them in my garden and they always grow very healthy.  I love how an onion blossom looks like, it's gorgeous!
The wild onion also has it's own beauty.  I find this very attractive as well.
O am obsessed in taking photos.  These shots were taken by an iPhone 4S.

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Dias said...

visit here today!

PaJAY said...

u must be Rose's hubby...u hav a Nice blogsite here..i would love to visit here as often...Peace out...GODBLESS..

btw,ill add u in my blogroll...hop u can add me too...thanks

Rogue said...

Hmmm... i like the image here. DO you see that typewriter??? I am wondering, it seems to be one of the finest ah... antique... if we sell that, I think that is too much... hehehe

As for your comment posted in this blog entry, I think your blog is not that too young to earn. It is qualified already even in ppp.. you have tons of posts here already and you have been here for more than a month... You are absolutely qualified! But maybe you are waiting for the PR in 3 weeks before you want to take off? ^^

Joops said...

Thanks for the visit dhemz..

Joops said...

HI Pajay, you are welcometo visit anytime.. the more the better hehehe.. will add you back man.. thanks!

Joops said...

Hi Rogue, it looks fancy and antique.... No, PPP requires that your blog must be 90 days old before you will be able to qualify.. so I'm still waiting hehehe..

amiable amy said...

was here...visiting your blog...thanks for the comment

Jacky said...

thanks for visiting... i cant see ur chat box.... come visit again

Chubskulit Rose said...

A recycled post so please ignore the old comments above.

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