Friday, June 6, 2014

Vegetable in My Garden

When my veggies are just starting to come up, our bunny decided to mowed it down so I put him back inside his house for a while and give the veggies time to grow.  I replanted some seed  again and they are now coming up well.  Last year, I did not have much carrots as the birds  plucked them  when they were just coming up but this year, it looks awesome.
The owner of the kennel  where we board our dog when we are traveling  gave me some collard greens and lettuce.
Left photo  are radishes, I planted  some for our bunny because  he loves radish.  We are not much of a radish fan but our bunny is.  Photo on the right is  the tomato, they are getting taller.
On the left photos is the taro plant.  I bought some taro roots last year and  grew them in a pot, I  put it inside our home last Winter so it won't die.  They did  get very small due to lack of sunlight though.  The cayenne pepper was given to me by a friend last year.  I also put it inside  the house  last Winter.  
I don't  eat okra too much even when I was still in my country but I kind of miss it  so I am growing some this year.  I also would like to introduce it to my  kids.  I am not sure if they will like it as it is slimy hehehe.
I grew this  grapes from the seeds that we ate  sometime last year.  It came back this year and it is now taking over my rose bush.
I saved some pumpkin seeds from last year and  tried to plant some this year.  Only two seedlings  (photo on left)are left as  our squirrel in the backyard dug them all up.  The photo on the right are cucumbers.  Our neighbor gave us some seedlings last week.
I have some herb in my garden too.  These were given also by our neighbors sometime last year.  I have mint and dill.  My parsley did not come back this year.
So there you go, the veggies in my garden.  My beans are just coming up so I did not  take photos of them.

5 Smart Readers SAID::

Linda said...

How nice! :)

Kelly said...

Mmmmmm...look at all that luscious green!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

What a bounty you have growing in your garden! I do feel a bit envious....

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

May your garden grow and grow and grow!

Six Words and Shadows

Dhemz said...

wow, I always admire your vegetable garden sis...super healthy!

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