Friday, June 20, 2014

Roses in my Garden

Here are some roses in my garden. I wish that I know the specific name of them though.  All I know is their colors lol.  I used to have a full grown yellow roses but the winter this year kind of hinder   them from coming back.  I am trying to  revive one  tiny stem though, I hope it survives.
Miniature roses
On special occasions, I told my husband that instead of giving me flowers, I prefer to  get those miniature roses that I can plant.  I have few of them that are in bloom now. Some did not survive the winter as well.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

grace said...

how are you? dropin by your site today

Cecile said...

glad your back, joops and once again, thanks to the brilliant gem.

wow, i didn't know my name will be listed here hehehe, thanks joops!

EJ said...

Thanks Sun, yeah nothing can't stop me now hahaha..

EJ said...

Hi Cheth, thanks for returning the favor... Rest assured, i'll be a regular visitor in your house.. thanks again!

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