Monday, March 31, 2014

Wedding Months

Today is the last day of March, oh how time flies!  I wish that  Winter  weather would fly by  so fast like that but it seems to be lingering for so long.   We had snow yesterday  which is really a bummer because lots of kids are getting sick due to  drastic change of weather.  But anyway, I am sure that warm weather is  on it's way for us to enjoy.  

Soon June brides will be parading  and lots of wedding will be held.  Planning a wedding involves a lot of work and so many decision to make.  Lots of things to consider   if you want to have a successful wedding.  One of the many things   that needs to be address is the venue.  I am sure that if you want a very nice  place, you might consider the wedding venues in Grand Rapids Michigan.  

Grand Volute is one of the many places that is popular for   weddings in Grand Rapids Michigan.  Their wedding receptions in Grand Rapids Michigan is just gorgeous.  I have seen  the photos in their  gallery and  all of  those are just WoW!  It reminds me of our church wedding  10 years ago.  The venue  plays a major role  to have a memorable wedding of a lifetime.

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Dhemz said...

I can't believe that it's April already! Next time we know, pasko na!

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