Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Things for Your Home That Will Bring a Crowd

Pools with waterfalls, elaborate staircases and kitchens the size of an entire house; the lifestyles and homes of the rich and famous are certainly out of this world. Add a touch of celebrity to your own home with these five features and soon you’ll be fighting off overeager friends and family, not to mention discovering new acquaintances you never knew you had.

Home Cinema

Movie-watching is a universal activity, enjoyed by those of all ages and backgrounds. This is why your new home cinema is guaranteed to be a huge hit with everyone in your life; the hard part will be agreeing on what to watch! Businesses such as Big Picture People and Digital Cinema specialise in providing and installing home theatre systems; while it can be expensive, think of all the money you spend on movie tickets each year and view it as an investment.


Make the most out of summer’s warmth and promises of fun by installing a pool in your backyard. Those less fortunate will flock to your new oasis, craving relief from out-of-control temperatures and boredom. Be prepared to be amused, surprised and impressed by a plethora of excuses or reasons for dropping by suddenly; of course, they just happen to have their swimsuit with them. For the ultimate pool area, purchase accessories such as sun loungers and outdoor settings from retailers such as Super A-Mart (


What better way to complement your outdoor pool area than by adding a barbeque? As the smell of cooking meat and vegetables wafts through the neighbourhood, you can bet that you’ll suddenly be inundated with requests to get to know each other; if you have children, the excuse will most likely be play dates. Hosting a BBQ is also a great way to show off your pool and amazing cooking skills.

Table Tennis Table

Attract the competitive and sporty by purchasing a table tennis table for your home. This is a great, low-cost option for those that want to be active, enhance family bonding and just have some fun! Remember to try and keep things light-hearted though; a shattered ego can be a very sad sight indeed. If you’re not a fan of table tennis, consider buying a pool table, dart board or football table to jazz up your home.


A perennial favourite of spa and gym goers, saunas are fantastic for bodily cleansing, stress relief and muscle relaxing. Other supposed benefits include weight loss, boosted immunity and improved skin conditions. Even if you originally intended to have a sauna for private use only, an overwhelming spate of requests will soon have you thinking otherwise. Sharing is caring after all.
Do you have a friend or family member with an enviable house and amenities? What do you wish you could add to your home? Or maybe you wish you could be less popular? Share your stories and tips by commenting in the section below.

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It would be nice to bring in a crowd for a pay per view event with the home theater or a pool party.

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