Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sheer Curtains for our Living Room Windows

As I have mentioned here, we also bought some curtains for our living room.  We took down the boxes where our former curtains were attached and just  used a metal one to  hang our sheer curtain.  IT makes the room so much bigger without the   box.  It looks plain but we achieved what we were aiming for, which is to have  more light  in the room.  The off white sheer curtain  does the trick, the light from outside is good enough  to  make our living room sop much brighter.
I just got done putting away the Christmas decor when I took these photos so there's nothing  in our  center table but my kids  stuff.  

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Mrs.D said...

what a huge difference sis! your living room looks so neat and spacious.

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