Friday, March 28, 2014

Home Upgrades That Everyone Should Seriously Consider in 2014

Have you recently moved into an older property that needs a little work doing to it? Perhaps you are renovating a house, from the bottom up, that you bought at a bargain basement price. Improving our surroundings is a natural part of the human condition and for many it can become an obsession. Some people may carry out the upgrades to increase the value of the house so that they can trade up to a bigger property. Others do it to make a nest for themselves and their families.

Whatever the reason, if you are choosing to revamp your home this year, here are my top suggestions that will give you a better place to live. They are a little expensive, but most things are these days. See what you think.

Swimming Pool

Make every member of your family happy by building a sunken swimming pool in your own back yard. Hardware and building materials can be found at and many other places, with an internet search. You will be a superhero to your children if you bless them with their own pool.

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion will provide you with masses of space without losing any land. They are often cheaper than home extensions too. If there is a budding astronomer in the family, or you need an extra couple of bedrooms, a loft conversion can be the solution.

New Kitchen

The chef of the house will be in their element if you treat them to a new kitchen with all of the latest appliances. Whether you like the look of traditional kitchens with wooden cabinet doors or a sleek new design utilizing composite materials, a new kitchen will add value to your home.


Live in luxury with an exotic new bathroom. It is far easier to relax if you are in beautiful surroundings. A large whirlpool bath will set the scene perfectly and twin basins will help calm nerves on those rushed weekday mornings.


Create extra storage in your bedroom by the use of a massive built-in wardrobe. There is never enough room for those shoes. If you have a spare room, perhaps you may consider putting in a doorway from your room, into it. It could then be used as a wardrobe and dressing room, which would take the mess out of the bedroom.


If you have land to spare and deep pockets, an extension to the home could be just what you are looking for. You may decide to build a large single story extension for a games room, or build a two story one that will add extra bedrooms too. If you have the money, the possibilities are endless.


If you enjoy the sunshine, relax in style and soak it up in your own conservatory. Conservatories can be plain and cheap or beautiful and expensive. Either way, you could be enjoying your own in just a couple of weeks as they are fairly quick to erect.

Summer House

You may enjoy parties in your own jacuzzi housed in a luxury summer house. It is becoming all the rage these days but often the surroundings aren’t up to scratch. Your own heated room will keep the guests happy.

After writing all of the above suggestions my mouth is watering and, I think, it is time to give my bank manager a ring. Good luck with your chosen projects my friends. 

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Franc said...

It would be nice to have a pool in the house.

FX777222999 said...

Some points are good for big house, a must have indeed; all the sections.

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