Sunday, March 23, 2014

10 Home Improvements That Will Change Your Life

No project is ever truly finished, and our home is the biggest of them all. Home improvements are worth billions to the economy and are carried out all over the country by people willing to spend whatever it takes. Perhaps building and constantly improving has become set in our DNA since we first left caves and open plains behind.
The best thing about improving our homes is that it can be done in small steps, room by room. Only the brave undertake a complete makeover that will involve finding somewhere else to live for a few months at least. Not that there is anything wrong with that method, it’s just that it will all need doing again at the same time in the future.

Most of us choose a project every few years that we can get our teeth into and finish with a job to be proud of.

Here are my top ten home improvements that you need to carry out to change your quality of life.

Cool Kitchen

Look at that sleek, mouthwatering, design in the image. Notice the clean lines and ultra-modern cabinets, appliances, and sink. The cook of the house will be in their element when presented with enormous worktops and storage to die for. Yes, a new kitchen stands in the number one spot.

Brilliant Bathroom

Friends and relatives will be jealous of your marble palace. Cutting edge suites and accessories can be found at and many other online retailers for a fair price. If you have a big budget, spend it on the bathroom.

Exciting Extension

Extending the property is a major project to undertake but the rewards are worth it. The extension will add value to your home while providing an extra bedroom and larger kitchen. Whatever you will use it for, an extension is never the wrong choice.

Lovely Loft

If lack of space is an issue, extend upwards with a loft conversion. Often, they are a fraction of the cost of building an extension.

Great Garden

Ok, i’m running out of cool titles, but bear with me. How about a beautifully landscaped garden with a running stream and fishpond.? Add a summer house into the mix so you can get away from it all without going anywhere.

Jazzy Jacuzzi

Invite friends round for a watery massage and champagne. You are ensured regular visits if you have a jacuzzi.

Perfect Pool

The children will love you twice as much if you sink a swimming pool into your back garden. The summer house can double up as changing rooms too.

Convenient Conservatory?

Yes, I know, sorry. Splashing out on a conservatory that is just a little bigger and better than the one next door will give you the evil satisfaction that we all revel in from time to time. Not all conservatories need planning permission either.

Wicked Wardrobe

If you have a spare room in your house, why not knock a doorway through, and use it as a walk in wardrobe and dressing room? Keep all the clothes and shoes out of sight and sleep in a less cluttered place.

Real Fire

If you have a wasted chimney, go back to using solid fuel in a real fire. It needn’t be your main source of heat if you have central heating. Nothing beats a log burner or coal fire for snuggling in front of on a winters evening.

Now you are the owner of the coolest house in your street, all thanks to me. It may have cost you a pretty packet, but the value increase of your home should cover it if you decide to move sometime in the future. If you have carried out all of the above, however, I think that is unlikely. Thumbs up for a job well done.

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