Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips for Remodeling Your RV Garage

In order to protect your RV from the elements, it is ideal to store it in a large garage. These structures need to be at least 8-feet tall with 10-feet being ideal. This allows for enough head room for safe parking.

You can remodel the space to make it usable for more than just RV storage. Along the exterior edges, you can create storage shelves for excess household items or tools.

Get creative and make the space usable for more than just a large room for an RV.

Add LED Lighting

LED lighting is brighter and lasts longer. It is a good idea to install this type of lighting in your RV garage so that you do not have to climb ladders to change burned out bulbs. Most LED bulbs can last up to 10 years.

Use an 8-foot Automatic Door

With this being such a large space, an automatic door that is at least 8-feet high is ideal. This ensures that you have enough room to back in safely, even on a slight incline. Once inside, the roof ventilation doors can be opened.

The automatic door would work on a remote control to prevent a back injury from lifting the heavy door.

Create a Living Space above the Garage

Rather than creating a garage on the side of the home, consider creating living space above the tall garage. Not only are you up higher off of the ground but you have a better view. In areas where rain and flooding are prevalent, this is an ideal situation.

You can renovate the garage space to have an elevator, escalator or custom set of stairs leading up to the living quarters. The design of the structure can be traditional, rounded like a barn or completely square.

Create Storage and Work Space

Within the garage space you can create space for storage of tools and household items easily in the large garage space.

Some storage ideas include:
· Pull down storage boxes for holiday items
· Hanging hooks for lawn maintenance and gardening tools
· Wall drawers for building materials
· Work bench or table areas for crafting
· Storage cabinets along the sides for winter clothing, winter snow removal tools and other items.

These storage and organizational tools often create a mess in garage spaces. The ability to organize around the RV and use the space for more than one purpose is ideal. These organizational properties reduce safety hazards from tools and parts being strewn about randomly.

Adding in climate control devices will help the RV tires and the interior as well. Tires and interiors can dry rot easily when the vehicle sits. Moving the RV a few feet forward and backward once a month helps the tires to keep their integrity.

Consider also adding in heat or a finished floor to the garage space. This will allow you to hold large family gatherings in the garage when the travel vehicle is not stored inside. Tables can easily be setup for a garage sale as well.

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