Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things to Remember When Cruising with Kids

You've always wanted to try cruising, but now that you've got children to consider you're wondering if it's such a good idea. If you choose your shipping line carefully and follow some common-sense tips, you'll be able to start planning your cruise holidays 2014 today. You would surely love to see the world's greatest natural wonders together with your family.

Of course, the ultimate kid’s cruise ships are the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, which provide great fun for children and adults. There are a number of other shipping lines that offer special kids' activities, including clubs for youngsters, waterslides, video arcades, magic shows, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, and onboard sport.

It's great to travel with your family, but you do need to consider other people aboard your cruise ship. Embrace some of these ideas to ensure that all on board enjoy themselves:

Use your discretion as to whether your children will enjoy cruising.

You know your children better than anyone, and will be able to decide whether cruising is a good option. Some lines have minimum age restrictions, and may also have age limits on swimming pool access or involvement in onboard activities or shore excursions.

Choose the cabin that best fits your family size and ages.

Most shipping lines have detailed information and ship layout plans on their websites, and contact them to check on details if necessary.

Involve the kids in the holiday preparations and discuss expectations.

If your children are old enough, show them the different cruise options and discuss what everyone would like to do while on a cruise. Also, talk about behavior standards, and make sure they understand that there'll be lots of other people on the ship.

Once you're on board, take the tour.

Settle into your cabin, then explore the ship together, showing your children public spaces that are for kids and those that are restricted to adults. Emphasize safety rules, and attend the drills that the ship gives. Check the life jackets that are in your cabin, making sure you've got the correct sizes as well as equipment for babies and toddlers if applicable.

Keep to your normal routines as far as possible.

Young children tend to get overtired and overexcited if their schedules are disrupted to a large extent. Kids' cruise ships usually offer kid-friendly menus and meal times, so take advantage of them.

Most importantly, have fun as a family!

8 Smart Readers SAID::

FX777222999 said...

Nice article for family cruising and need to tell the children about safety on board.

Franc said...

I guess it would be important the the cruise has a lot of family and kid friendly activity.

Nova said...

I love the tips you share here, very informative and great resources for those family and would be the first time to go cruising.

Juliana said...

Haven't tried cruising and probably never will. Husband has aversion with boats, much more being on it for days. Kung ako lang, go ako kahit hindi ako marunong mag swim hihi.

betchai said...

great tips Rose, we had never tried several days cruising, only day cruises for sight seeing and whale watching. Both I and hubby are very impatient and have very itchy feet, haha, we prefer to wander than be on boat.

Jessica Cassidy said...

We never try the cruise Sis Rose :-) I always sea sick and am not sure if I will like to cruise. Thank you for the tips, they are greatly appreciated :-)

Lisa said...

I haven't been on a cruise yet. I wish I can try it one of these days. I bet it would be exciting. Thanks for these tips.

ria C said...

I tried to avoid long trips before when my daughter was still young. She wasn't a fussy traveler. In fact, she was very quiet it's just that all those logistics involved when traveling with little tots were so much hassle before.

I haven't been in a cruise yet and that is something my husband is asking me to embark on with out daughter in one of the cruise ships. I just can't shake off the fear of open bodies of water, let alone riding a big ship sailing in open seas. ;)

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