Saturday, February 1, 2014

Plans for this Year

I just got done with my weekend cleaning at home. I am glad that I was able to get done with washing the laundry yesterday and folded them all last night. I put them away this morning when I wake up then after that, I vacuumed, and dusted off the furniture including the photo canvasses on the wall . Now I am on the mission to write reviews that I have in line, I received six different kinds last week so it's time to give these the ratings based on my experience. I was curious about the Photo 4 Canvas in New Zealand so I dig a little deeper and found out that they have a unique way of transforming your ordinary photo into a popart.  I have not try that kind  before and  wonder of the  companies around here does that as well.  It would be fun to  do that.  As you might all know, I am  a photo addict and I love  photo canvases.
I am  thankful that my husband took the kids to visit my FIL for now, it will give me ample time to do my reviews and hopefully I have enough time to finish  it all, I hope.   Earlier today while I was doing the cleaning my husband was also busy planning for our next getaway.  He wants us to visit Maine this  year so he is looking for the best  and cheapest way for us to get there.  Should we use the Snap Car Rentals or should we  fly?  That's one thing I love about my  partner in crime, he loves to plan ahead, so as early as possible, he is  planning to schedule  our trip so he could also  put in his leave early from his job.

Another thing that we  planned out is the home improvement  that we have  in line this year.  It is not something that we need  for Viventium Home Loans but it will definitely need some money so we have to save for it.  I am trying to cut some cost  from our expenses in order to accommodate all the stuff that we need to do including the trip and the home improvement projects.  Hopefully we would be able to realize  these plans.  I am hopeful that those year of the horse will  give us a good kick to   accomplish  things.  So wish us good luck and good luck to your aspirations as well this  year.

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MzBaker said...

You have a lovely wall of photos and I have seen popart on my camera but not on a canvas that would be awesome! Hope ya get some of them reviews done :)

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