Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty Little Things

I love  going to craft  store because you get to see pretty little things that is nice to have but it's not really worth the money lol.
These are the things that makes you  say "Ohhh, those are gorgeous!"
The things that I am tempted to buy sometimes are picture frames as I have a lot of photos.  But on this  particular day, I did not bother.  I just admired them.
Even with 50% discount, you look at the price and you say "still not worth it".  Just to be able to see its beauty is good enough  for me, I don';t need to own any as I have the most important thing at home, my FAMILY!

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kat said...

I love how you ended the post that you do not need to own this since you already have the important things in life: family. It did occur to me that the pretty material things do not have much value. You get tied to them. When we got flooded, we lamented why we had so many things. If only we had just simple things, we do not have to save a lot of them from the water.

Marms said...

Man, I can't resist not to buy when we go to Hobby Lobby. :) So pretty little things indeed!

Anonymous said...

I love some of those green vases from the second photo. They would lool amazing in my kitchen/dining area! I love finding great discounts!

FX777222999 said...

When I visiting in some other places, I used to buy something small for remembrance. These stuffs are good for decorations at the living room.

Franc said...

I guess some things are just worth for window shopping to prioritize the important items.

Peachy @ The Wandering Peach said...

I so agree with you. I don't think we need lots of things, all we need is our family.

April McGregor said...

Hobby Lobby is my happy place. :) I love staying there and like you I don't really buy there except yarns.

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