Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiring Garden Tips and Tricks from the Experts

We all miss the influx of gardening programmes that used to be on the TV; whatever happened to Charlie Dimmock? It is now much more difficult to come up with inspiration for our back gardens without Alan Titchmarsh showing us how it’s done. However, there’s no need to lose hope; we have put together some of the most inspiring garden tips and tricks from the experts. Just hum the theme tune to Ground Force whilst you read, for a more authentic experience.

Space Saving Tricks

Louise Hampden, producer of Gardener’s World, gives some incredible space saving tips for those with smaller gardens. Use plant pots, bedded with your favourite flowering bulbs, for an instant impact that looks great. If you want a designer look for your garden, with limited space, then opt for just a few different plants and limit your colour palette. You can use a lot of the same plants to give the effect of a larger garden which has been landscaped. If you want to grow vegetables in a smaller space then sow two different veggies in one row; mixing slow growers with fast growers to ensure a constant supply of crop. These space saving tips will ensure you get the most from your garden, without having to move house!

Create a border

Many gardening experts will tell you that the best way to protect your garden from the elements and nosy neighbours is by creating a border. There’s a whole range of ways you can do this; from planting shrubs and bushes to building a brick wall. Elizabeth Roehrig, an expert at Country Living magazine, recommends fencing in your yard for the best visual appeal. You can use concrete fence posts to get the most from your border, especially if you’re worried about your fence being blown away in the winter. If you want to spruce up your border then you can paint fencing panels and walls, or use trellis to cover with foliage. 

Prepare for Spring

Expert gardeners from the National Trust have put together an incredible guide on how to prepare your garden in time for Spring. There are plenty of tips for what to do when the winter weather starts disappearing, including: 
  • Pruning and shaping the plants and shrubs that have overgrown during the winter 
  • Digging and turning the soil, to loosen it and prevent water logging or from freezing over 
  • Cleaning and sweeping any outside areas that aren’t lawn or soil 
  • Getting your spring bulbs ready to plant outside in either pots or directly in the soil 
  • Check for moss and dying grass in your lawn, before you start mowing and weeding 

These tips come directly from the head gardeners who look after some of the most amazing National Trust gardens in the UK, so you know they’re the right people to take advice from!

You don’t have to look far to find the expert advice from the gardeners who know best, with many national newspapers having their own garden agony aunts and uncles. Pick up some ideas from your neighbours gardens too, just don’t get caught peeking over their new fence.

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FX777222999 said...

Yes, try to learn gardening with your own or research from the internet. There's a lot you can learn about; plants, flowers, etc...

Franc said...

A border would really help elements that may be harmful to your garden.

Nova said...

this is really a very great tips for those gardeners or those who wish to learn...

Jeck said...

When people want to make a small garden at their home i think they should read this blog first to get better knowledge about gardening. One more thing i want to say that choose the flower plants as per the space of your garden so you can easily take care of them.

Jhady said...

This is a great tip, can't wait for the summer to apply this tips. We are renting and only have small space in the backyard

Mel Cole said...

Yes, it's important to plan ahead before Spring comes in Gardening :)

April McGregor said...

Gardening is sooo not my forte though I really try.

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