Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are You a Hoarder?

Hoarders are a rather amusing little piece of the culture, fun to look at, fun to examine and think about but no one really considers that it might be happening to them. How many times have you seen one on TV who insisted they don't have a problem even as garbage rose to around their knees? Here are some easy ways to tell if you might be suffering from the latest cultural epidemic. So you can get rid of the mess all around you and live a happy normal life. Answer these few simple questions with yes, and you really do need these items around you.
Image source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Compulsive_hoarding_Apartment.jpg

If Someone Else had it would you Judge Them?

It's easier to see something in others than it is to see it in yourself. Seeing the things around you through the eyes of others is a good cure for self-interest. When you encounter the item in your day to day life, think about how it would be if some random person had told you they do the same thing. Would you think they were strange? Would you try to take it off them? If the answer is yes to these things then you simply lacked the self-awareness to judge your own inclinations. Don't feel bad, it happens to a lot of people.

Have you used it?

When was the last time you used this product? The rule of thumb can be from anything from one year to five but either way you should probably set up a deadline. There are a surprising number of items you 'use all the time' that never actually get used. Give yourself a standard, an amount of time that, if an item hasn't been used, it needs to be thrown out. If not disposed of completely then at least dealt with in some way. Hoarders will often make excuses based on eventual utility and need, so these things need to be stuck to.

Do you need it now?

This is a more important question, whether or not you're going to need it in the near future. If you aren't going to need it right away maybe you should consider a temporary form of storage. Take everything you don't need and put it in a storage system. There are a variety of short and long term options that will allow you to keep the things you won't need right now, while not letting yourself get bogged down or run out of space. For more information on your options visit http://www.fortknoxstorage.com.au/.

Being a hoarder can be a big problem, or it can be in interesting and strange little personality quirk. Either way it is best recognized and treated rather than ignored or excused. Hoarding makes for mess, germs, pain and disorder that ruins the lives of people. Knowledge is the first step to dealing with a problem, so answer the questions and develop and understanding of your mental state.

11 Smart Readers SAID::

Franc said...

Being a hoarder can really add clutter to your area and may be difficult to manage.

Joy said...

yes i am ahaha, the reason why i started de-cluttering the house and i see to it that i only have a list of what i needed to buy when i go out, being an implusive buyer results to hoarding :(

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

I am not - but my mom is, lol!

I tend to get frustrated with her habit as I am a clean freak lol.

jheylo said...

People who hoard are sick people, they have mental illness and that they could not see it as hoarding instead a valuable collections. They sure need professional help, call a psychiatrist for intervention.

jared's mum said...

i used to be a hoarder, but little by little am beginning to silence the pack rat within + throw away those that i will not really use, except books, i guess, i can never have too many + wouldn't mind having them everywhere in our home! :)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

So far I am really doing good at letting go of my things and my donation box is filled up with things that we no longer use, doesn't fit, kids have outgrown them, etc. I have a friend back in Kansas who is somewhat of a Hoarder. She has tons of things in her house and she doesn't even get to use it at all. I was going to ask her if she needs help re-organizing and donate some things, but I was afraid she might not like it. Her husband kept telling her to do a yard sale, but she loves to hang on to her things. Even her daughter offered her to buy new things when they finally move to a new house, but she doesn't want to part with them. She loves going to garage sales too, that's why she keeps collecting things.

Rossel said...

Most of the things in the picture are still in the box. Maybe some of them are haven't been used yet. I don't hoard. I hate clutter. I usually give to neighbors or friends the things that we no longer use.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

One of my aunts and my sister is a hoarder. Well, not to the extreme but they do have and keep a lot of things they don't use.

Dhadha said...

I admit that I am somewhat a hoarder. LOL. But earlier this year I tried to de-clutter, especially mga stuff ko and sa daughter ko. Para d ko na ulit matago, I sold it in a rummage sale. Ayun, after ko magkapera dun, binili ko na naman ng gamit namin. LOL :)))

April McGregor said...

I have a hoarder tendency. Though I hate clutter inside the house I have a few boxes on things I don't know what's in it anymore. Can't wait for spring cleaning.

Kaye - I Love Keisha said...

I'm a self-confessed hoarder of cosmetics, clothes and bags. I normally buy things most especially lipsticks and just look at it and store it. I don't know if this is a kind of sickness or what.

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