Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs, that's what we need down our family room in the basement.  This is one of those things that I have to save for so I can buy one.  It would be nice if I can have one for a product review, wink.  On the serious note the past couple of weeks has been very  cold  out here at  my neck of the woods so the school was closed.  Keeping my two active kids busy was a bit of a challenge.  Gladly, we have many puzzles, board games, and some crafts to do.  The reason I want to get  a bean bag is for the kids to use when  are  having fun doing  puzzles or board games.  We tend to use our throw pillows in the floor to sit on when we play.  A bean bag would be much more comfortable, a sure the kids would love it.

Moving on, I can't wait till Winter is over.  I miss being outside, I miss doing my walks and runs outdoors, and definitely miss   gardening.  Gardening is my therapy when I am stressed, it is  my form of stress reliever  aside from  taking photos of nature and  go out running or walking.  I am hoping that we can have one of those   Garden Sheds that I have been looking at at the garden center  in our local store.  It would be so nice to have  a place  for my gardening stuff.  

Sigh, we have so many projects lined up this year and I don't know if we will be able to do it all with so little money  in our savings.  Looking at the selection of  office desks at , I've seen a beautiful  chair  at their display that I really liked.  My office chair is  slowly deteriorating.  This was given to me by my FIL so it was basically a used one when I had it.  I did not mind though because it saved me  some moolah in buying my own.  Now, I need a replacement for it as   is not comfortable to sit on anymore.  

The blogging income is becoming scarce nowadays so I can't really rely on my online gigs to buy   what I need for doing my job.  In fact, the reason I have a new computer is because my husband  gave it as a gift for me last Christmas.  Oh boy, I am going to need a lot of  tasks to write before I could  get  all these.

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