Monday, June 24, 2013

Some Outdoor Jobs for the Adventurous Worker

Many people dread sitting in front of a computer screen all day. When coming to this realization, some opt to seek out more fulfilling and adventurous work. Unfortunately, most people give up on their search too quickly. In reality, there are an abundance of exciting and adventurous jobs for the worker who wants to enjoy their career. Here are four outdoor jobs for the adventurous worker. 

Tour guide

Many tourists love to have a professional show them around. When giving tours, a person can work outside and enjoy their passion. A guide can take visitors on kayak excursions or a walk through the city. To get started in this field, one should acquire public speaking skills. Furthermore, an individual who can speak a second language would have a better chance of landing their dream job as a guide. Finally, to increase one's chances, they should take a CPR class. This will help a candidate stand out from the pack. Remember, a tour guide enjoys plenty of freedom and will have fun talking to tourists from all over the world.

Trail Maintenance

When hiking, most people will enjoy clean and well-maintained trails. A hiker enjoys safe trails because a professional maintains them year-round. To get a job in this field, one should contact their local government agencies about any openings. Sometimes, a job seeker must volunteer during the off-season. Remember, a person who maintains trails must be in excellent shape and have plenty of energy.


An angler can make a lot of money and have fun in the process. When working in this field, one must enjoy being away from home. Often, an angler must travel for months at a time. Fortunately, when working on a boat, one will be outdoors and away from an office. This is a perfect job option for a worker who does not mind getting a little dirty while working. To find a job with a fishing company, one should contact local fishing companies. The homesick person has another option. Often, people love to go on one day fishing excursions. When working on one-day excursions, an individual can enjoy the ocean while still having a nice bed to sleep at in at night.


When a person works as a logger, they can make some serious money. Of course, this work is reserved for people who have a lot of energy and strength. When working in a forest, one will bake in the sun while getting into even better shape. To get started as a logger, one should contact logging companies in the area. Again, this is not a job for a worker wants to bask in the sun and relax. However, this is a great job for someone who wants to make a decent living. When seeking a thrilling an interesting job, one must think outside the box. With these four positions, one will make a decent income while having a good time.


This job not only gives you great pay but basically sets you up for life. The amount of skills that companies teach you and the possibilities of different counties this job can take you is endless. This job is not for the person who wants to settle down any time soon, but it’ll definitely set you up for when you do. The best place to look for jobs like these are on websites such as Randstad for mining jobs and potentially find that outdoor job you’ve always wanted.

Author Bio: Nicole is a recruitment agent and has been for the past 5 years. She aims to help her clients find jobs and guide them in the right direction. She started writing blogs to share her knowledge to others who are looking for general help and ideas to get them started on their career.

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