Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gardening Projects

Just some of the garden projects that we did, currently doing, and still has to be done.
I decided to  connect the corner plants by adding some mulch and other  plants so it won't be hard for us to mow the small strip of grass in between.

My kids wanted to put this  around the crab apple tree so we did.  My sister in law made these a couple of years ago and gave it to the kids.  By the way, belated happy birthday to you, Chris!

These two bird houses needs to be painted so we will do that as soon as we get the paint.  The  sparrows uses this many times during summer to lay their eggs.  It's been twice now that we  see their babies.

Just some of the potted plants I have inside the house.  They are enjoying the warm weather now in our front porch.

I took some photos yesterday of our plants to document the progress that our veggies and flowers has. The kids are very excited that their corn are growing.

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riablahgs said...

What beautiful garden project you have there sis! I wish I have the green thumb like you. All I can do is probably set up a nice lawn but not be able to tend the plants because they'll just wither eventually.

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