Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lettuce and Tomatoes

Our lettuce is so thick now that we have been enjoying having fresh salad every time. Our rabbits are enjoying it to as I always pick some in the morning and gave it to them. This is what I love about summer,  being able to go  to the garden and  pick the  veggies that you want to eat.  

On the other note, we went to Lowe's  the other day and I found  a bag of Miracle Gro on the reduced rack.    There was  damaged o the bag so they taped it up and  have it reduced from $7.99 to 5 so I bought it and  added some of it around my tomatoes.  So far, my garden is looking good and I am starting to  harvest some of it.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

bj said...

O, your lettuce looks wonderful. I know your salads are awesome. :))

Unknown said...

Pretty garden sis good idea to plants some veggies than buying in store like the thick lettuce and tomatoes.

Unknown said...

your veggies are really growing well and looks fantastic!

glen laxamana said...

Very fresh lettuce! perfect for salad.. yummy!

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