Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 Ways to Turn the Beach into a Gym

A beach provides you with the ideal setting for doing a workout. The instability of the surface helps improve your proprioception, while strengthening your ligaments, muscle fibers, and tendons. Moreover, swimming in the ocean provides you with extra resistance which also helps to increase your muscle strength. Have you ever wanted to transform the beach into your own personal gym, but had no idea where to start? These five techniques will help realize achieve your beach gym workout.

Run in sand. 

Convert the sand into your personal track. Before going on your beach run, make sure that there’s a low tide at the beach you select. A low tide provides you with the ideal running conditions, since the surface is level and hard packed. Go closer to the edge of the water when preparing for your run. Do not get your feet wet. Depending on the conditions of your selected beach, you may be provided with more room to run on hard packed sand, without having to be near the edge of the water.

Do tree pull ups. 

Find a tree in the vicinity of the beach. Make sure that the tree has a sturdy structure before starting your workout. Hang from a low lying branch of the tree and pull yourself back and forth from the branch. This may be a bit challenging at first for beginners. However, the exercise will increase your grip strength and strengthen your muscles as you move at different angles.

Swim in the ocean. 

With this type of swimming there are no wall restrictions. However, it is important to indicate where your swim will end. Choose a swimming workout. You can opt to do long straight swims or intervals with varying intensity levels. Regardless of the swimming technique you choose, it’s important to take certain precautionary measures. Don’t swim too far away from the shore and implement the buddy system.

Stretch your body. 

This workout should focus on areas such as your calves, arms, hamstrings, and back. There are many benefits to be reaped from stretching. Such benefits include increased flexibility, alleviation of lower back, stress reduction,  increased circulation, and increased range of movement. Where better to inhale and exhale then by the sea?

Perform walking lunges. 

Maintain a good posture while standing with the dumbbells in your hands. You can also opt to do this exercise without dumbbells. If you choose to go without the dumbbells, place your hands on your hips.Bring your right foot in front, making sure that your knee doesn’t extend over your toes. While doing so, you should be lifted onto the upper part of your back foot. Keep your chest upright and your shoulders back. On bended knees, lower your body straight to the ground. Your back knee should not touch the floor and your front knee should not be extended too far in front. Move forward with your right foot and place your back foot in front of you. Once you’ve completed a lunge repeat the aforementioned steps until you’ve accomplished your desired number of reps. The uneven outdorr surface will make this exercise more challenging.

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