Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting the Garden Summer Ready

As the nights stay warmer and brighter for longer, you'll find yourself spending more and more time in your garden. When temperatures soar and other people flock to the beach and parks, be summer smart by holding a BBQ. No screaming children, no inflated ice cream prices and no chance of being hit with a rogue football being kicked into the middle of your picnic. However, you'll probably want to get your garden prepped for summer, so check out our tips to make sure your garden entertaining goes with a bang.
 Firstly, think about the practicalities of your outdoor space. Do you have a secure garden which will be easy for people to get in and out of? If your garden connects with a side alley or you want to encourage access straight from outside your property, get a gate latch fitted. This means that people can get in all the time you leave the latch open, but once everyone has arrived you can close it so that nobody else can enter your garden unnoticed.

 If you have a pond, make sure it's looking clean and fresh by dredging out anything which may have accumulated over the winter. If you have water features, this will also mean they work much more effectively as they will only need to process clean water. If you have any little ones coming, you need to make sure you have some secure fencing around the pond to make sure nobody can fall in. The same applies to clumsy adults after a drink or two!

 Mow the lawn and remove any weeds or nettles. If anyone decides to walk barefoot on the grass in true summer spirit, they don't want to find themselves stepping on stinging nettles, as this could give them a nasty rash and will be extremely irritating. The same applies to stones and bottlecaps: make sure nobody needs a trip to A&E as this could be a bit of a partykiller. 

 Your garden furniture needs to be in prime condition. It's easy for wood to decompose, especially after a winter of being damp, so check that it's all still safe. In particular, check the joints in the wood and make sure all the metal bolts connecting each component of the furniture. Also run your hands over the surfaces exposed to your visitors to make sure nobody ends up picking splinters out of their skin. Apply a wood treatment if you think it needs it. If it's plastic furniture, a quick wipe down should be all you need.

4 Smart Readers SAID::

Unknown said...

nice garden I like the rocks it make your garden looking good. I like your porch too as well.

Anonymous said...

I love your garden, you did a pretty job on it. Thanks for sharing some great tips as well on how to make the garden looked as nice as this. I will keep those tips in mind.

riablahgs said...

I really like your front yard. It's so clean and that corner space with riverstones and contrasting colors of foliage is really pretty. I want to have a front yard like that :)

mommy peach said...

You have a really pretty garden, mommy Rose. I wish I have green thumbs like you.

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