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5 Amazing Things Backpackers Should Not Miss In Thailand

If you are passionate about backpacking and you love outdoor trips, then you must put Thailand on your bucket list. This is an amazing country with hundreds of breath-taking islands where you can scuba dive and see the wonders of nature. Thailand coupled tropical rain forests with outstanding architectural masterpieces, and these are only some of the aspects that make this beautiful country a popular tourist destination for tens of thousands of backpackers on a yearly basis.

Besides, you do not even need a small fortune to visit the Kingdom of Thailand - all you need is a generous backpack with all the necessary items and enough money to survive. Traveling on a budget has never been easier! Here you will find 5 things and key spots you should not miss if you ever get the chance to visit this amazing country:

1. The Massage Treatments

Everybody has heard of the traditional Thai massage that can relief any muscle or joint pain in a natural and efficient manner - besides, the massage and spa treatments here are not only about relaxation, but about the history and the culture of Thailand. There is no better way to relax and let off some steam after a full day of walking than enjoying a well-done Thai massage that encompasses some principles and stretching techniques from traditional Thai medicine. To put it simple, the massage relies on key pressure points for a holistic healing. Are your legs swollen after walking for miles? Or perhaps you have a back pain due to bad posture? There is almost nothing a good Thai massage can't heal!

2. Check The Thai Markets

The markets in Thailand are popular all around the world for the cheap products and multitude of colors and souvenirs. A market usually has thousands of stalls with food, drinks, souvenirs, clothes, homemade gifts and such. It is sheer pleasure to walk through these stalls and delight yourself with the skill and carefully painted or decorated items you can find here - besides, you can find a lot of bargains that will remember you of the beautiful country of Thailand! A Thai market is like Heaven for any backpacker that is passionate about souvenirs and reminders.

3. Try The Thai Food!

Asian food is delicious, but in addition to being delicious it is also known for being less conventional than the European food - and this is exactly what makes it so sought-after! You may have tried Thai food in the US, but there is no better way to get a deeper insight into the Asian cuisine than by tasting some of the street food you find in Thailand! There are literally hundreds of food stalls on the side of the roads where you can fined everything from soups, salads, traditional rice, satay, sushi and even all sorts of insects, from beetles to crickets. Do you have that it takes to try these foods? Because it surely is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every backpacker!

4. Try Some Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an extremely popular underwater sport in Thailand, given the fact that the crystal clear water allows you do see up to 30 meters in depth. Besides, here you can also find a plethora of shipwrecks, manta rays, unique rock formations, soft corals, coral gardens and basically everything a scuba diver could possibly with to find. The winds and tides are also favorable for scuba diving here, and the water temperature is perfect for underwater activities. Some of the most popular destinations for scuba diving in Thailand include the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan, Pattaya, Phuket, the Krabi province or the popular Surin Islands. Make sure to take some pictures you will show to your friends and family when you get back home!

5. Try The Local Festivals!

Thailand has a fascinating culture and history, and all the country's traditions are reflected in the beautiful festivals that take place here on a yearly basis. There are numerous festivals in Thailand that you can enjoy, and if you are lucky enough to synchronize with any of the following, then it is highly recommended to take part at them, just to see how interesting it will be: The Songkran Festival, the Chiang Mai flower festival or the Fruit Day in Chantaburi.

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