Monday, May 24, 2010

A Trip to Remember

We were not able to attend church last Sunday because went down hoopie (that's how my father calls the place where he grew up). It wasn't planned and I just wish that we could have leave earlier than 12 noon. I thought that convincing my Dad to go with us was impossible, but with my wife's convincing power, he did went with us. The kids were pretty good even though the drive was a bit long, they just entertain themselves by playing and eating their snacks.

This place here is a very old one that we used to stop by whenever my Dad and I and some friends would go hunting then. I was surprised that it's still operating till now.

It's been a long while since my father visited his old place so maybe that's why he went with us. We stopped by his parent's grave on the way to see his youngest sister.
He introduced the kids to their great grandparents. Now when EJ is getting bored, he would say "I want to go down hoopie" lol. We got to see some big far with animals like horses, goats, chicken, and cows. You might have seen some of the photos already at my wife's blog.

I'll post some more photos next time as we took tons of them. Have a great Sunday everyone. I'm off to bed since it's almost 12.

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RyHeAnNe said...

Wrong turn resulted to wonderful adventure, I've seen Ateh Rose blog and the kids really had a good fun!

luna miranda said...

a great trip, indeed. it's good that your kids were able to meet their relatives and visit their grandpa's old place. thanks for sharing.

Ebie said...

Your kids are so very disciplined and behaved.

It is so sweet to travel down memory lane.

Enjoy your Sunday, and thanks for your post at OWM.

*♥Shydub♥* said...

That was a very good family trip and the kids are very good in the back seat.

Nukke said...

Lovely pics !!! It's nice to take children to different places so they learn something too !

Cecile said...

that is a nice place! mabuti at nakilala naman nyo yung ibang relatives ng FIL mo :-)and the the same time have fun bonding time with them.

Sunshine4Life said...

Hi John, indeed it's a trip to remember. Looks like quite a neat hometown you lived long ago.

Have a happy week!


SASSY MOM said...

Im glad that it turned out to be a fun-filled weekend...

<a href=">Sassy Mom's Pixelbug Weekend</a>

Dhemz said...

I agree with the first commenter....looks like a great adventure for everyone....:)

jeng said...

That was quite an adventure you had!

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