Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dual Pro X Challenge

We went to Raccoon State Park, in the beautiful State of Pennsylvania, on Mother's Day, together with other families and friends. I brought my brand new Dual Pro X Swiss Army knife that I recently received and I put it to the test. We immediately took to the trails and started a morning hike. Because of early morning rain, the ground was still a bit wet, so I whittled a couple of walking sticks for the wife and kids. Our camera battery died, so I was unable to get picks of our walking sticks but they really came in handy. I was truly amazed by the quick work that the Dual Pro X (photo below) made of removing the bark and cleaning up the sticks.

Our little man was having a tough time on the wet ground so his mom had to help him along for awhile. After I gave him a walking stick, he became "Mr. Independent" again.

This knife, is loaded with useful tools, such as a bottle and can opener, screw driver, and a saw. Anyone that knows Swiss Army knives, knows that they have mastered the art of packing a bunch of useful tools into something small enough to fit in your pocket. This durable little powerhouse will prove to be a nice working companion when I'm doing my projects around the house as well. 

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